FEMA Grant Management FEMA Public Assistance Category B Grant and the PAPPG

how to manage disaster relief grants, emergency protective measures, how to get FEMA funding for COVID-19 response in your community

We want to show you how to get FEMA funding for COVID-19 response in your community. This series of videos, podcasts, and blogs provides federal grant management training to everyone. In this episode we will examine the FEMA PAPPG – FEMA Public Assistance Programs Policy Guide, also called Papa-G focusing on the Category B grant. Cat B is how FEMA provides funding for emergency protective measures.

FEMA Public Assistance Grant Program Lifecycle: How To Manage Disaster Relief Grants

, FEMA public assistance grant program overview, PAPPG, FEMA PAPPG

We want to help you and your team use FEMA disaster assistance wisely. We are using a series of videos, podcasts, and blog posts to help you understand the FEMA public assistance grant program. This episode helps with navigating public assistance following a disaster. During this presentation we will discuss the FEMA PAPPG (Public Assistance Program Policy Guide) and the Stafford Act.