Grant Management Basics: Reimbursement Requests

how to get reimbursed by a grant, how to manage disaster relief grants, Tempest-GEMS

How to ask for—and get—grant money, extensions, and scope changes. Grant management best practices using grant management software emphasizes an all-in-one solution. With Tempest-GEMS, this process is called a Request. You make a Request of your state to get funds. You make a Request of your state to get an Extension. You make a Request of your state for a change in scope or budget. This is how you get reimbursed by a grant.

Grant Management Basics: How to Document Your Use of Grant Funds

Document organization can be challenging and boring. Use your tools to make your life a whole lot easier. Oh, and both reimbursement and closeout will be a lot easier, too. The other hint is to turn it into a game. Here is a list of things to find… go find them. Grant management best practices includes actions that are done for their own sake. It may not be as dramatic as responding to 911 calls or triage patients. Those actions require funding, paychecks, supplies, power, and internet. Your work keeps all of that moving. Documenting your grant fund use is an integral part of how to manage disaster relief grants.

FEMA Grant Accounting Basics: How To Make Big Purchases With Grant Funds

Avoid the number one failure that causes the DHS OIG to recommend grant clawback, and keep your hard-won grant funds working in your community. In our FEMA Quest game and in our game cards, we call this the Land of Eleven. The reason is that there are eleven essential steps which will generate at least eleven documents. Get eleven documents, you’re likely following grant management best practices. In this episode, we learn how to make big purchases with grant funds.

FEMA Grant Accounting Basics: Small Purchases with Grant Funds

FEMA grant management basics, FEMA public assistance grant program

The small purchases are often the ones that can skew the budget if unchecked. Maximize your reimbursements and make sure everything you’ve spent is covered by following these three simple steps – and by three steps, I think I mean four. Join us as we examine how to make small purchases with grant funds. In our FEMA Quest game, this corresponds to the Lil Money Loop.

FEMA Grant Accounting Basics: Setting Up for Labor, Equipment & Material Cost Reporting

how to manage disaster relief grants, emergency protective measures, how to get FEMA funding for COVID-19 response in your community

Do this task once and access the data 100s to 1,000s of times, depending upon your grant. It’s a huge timesaver AND maximizes your reimbursement. In this episode, we’ll take a closer look at Tempest-GEMS and the features you’ll use during the early phases of the FEMA public assistance grant program lifecycle. We aim to show grant management best practices using grant management software.