Simple Grant Management with Tempest-GEMS

Tempest-GEMS, FEMA grant management

Every expense documented. Every dollar you deserve. Every risk mitigated. Easily and accurately manage your grant documentation, maximize reimbursement and minimize grant management burden with one simple tool. That tool is Tempest-GEMS. In this episode, we will introduce grant management best practices using grant management software.

FEMA Public Assistance Grant Program Lifecycle: How To Manage Disaster Relief Grants

, FEMA public assistance grant program overview, PAPPG, FEMA PAPPG

We want to help you and your team use FEMA disaster assistance wisely. We are using a series of videos, podcasts, and blog posts to help you understand the FEMA public assistance grant program. This episode helps with navigating public assistance following a disaster. During this presentation we will discuss the FEMA PAPPG (Public Assistance Program Policy Guide) and the Stafford Act.